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I currently own all books that have been written by Sandra Yocum and beautifully illustrated by her husband, Larry Yocum. These books are far deeper than simple stories about a little mouse, Button and his mama. They reach far into the human spirit and inspire children (and parents) to be the best they can be.

Sandra lovingly leads up to the morals, usually 2 or 3, she intends children to explore and learn in each book. If there is any doubt what the morals are, she has listed them at the end of the book and they provide rich topics for family discussions following the reading of each story. These books are written for all audiences; however, God is mentioned and they certainly have great appeal for the Christian reader.

Dr. Donna Perry

The concept and foundation of the Yocum’s Button the Mouse stories resonates to the tiny citizen readers with messages of a sweet spirit and moral conscience worthy of adult behavior road maps. The cleverly drawn mouse enunciates messages of honesty, patience, family, and unselfishness, helping parents bridge the gap of adulthood to child in a Christian shroud.

The books are a must in every home with eager toddlers and day care centers that strive to shape the character of them into productive Christian adults.

Jim Perry

Thank You All for loving
Button The Mouse Books!

I am including a few of the letters the children wrote while I was Chapel Speaker at Sierra Christian School. During this time my son Allan attended there.

I wrote the storeis for chapel between 1992 and 1997 while speaking. The letters are precious and we wanted to share them with you. They were written long before Button came to be in book form.

Thank you to all the kids that helped me make the Button The Mouse series come alive so many years ago!