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Who is Button The Mouse?

Button the Mouse is a delightful boy who enjoys growing up in the country with his Mama.
Each chapter of this book is filled with excitement and wonder, inspired by God, as they tell of his many adventures. As Button travels along life’s pathways, we also travel with him and encounter some of the valuable lessons we all need to learn.
Morals are included with each story, helping to provide the tools we need for our journey. This book has been written for all ages. We wish you fun and blessings as you read the stories, enjoy the fun, and benefit from the lessons!

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We Love Hearing From Our Readers!

The concept and foundation of the Yocum’s Button the Mouse stories resonates to the tiny citizen readers with messages of a sweet spirit and moral conscience worthy of adult behavior road maps. The cleverly drawn mouse enunciates messages of honesty, patience, family, and unselfishness, helping parents bridge the gap of adulthood to child in a Christian shroud.

The books are a must in every home with eager toddlers and day care centers that strive to shape the character of them into productive Christian adults.

Jim Perry